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Hello, I’m Juanitte.

I am the new owner of this coffee shop. I was born in South Africa but have an Austrian background. I’ve traveled throughout Africa and Europe and have always dreamed
of owning a coffee shop and this dream became reality when Francois Dreyer, owner of the Heavenly Coffee Factory and Restaurant, sold me this Menlo Park shop.

Remains a distributor of
“Heavenly Coffee” and Coffee Equipment.

Heavenly Coffee beans are purchased from reputable sources with a focus on fresh quality at an affordable price.

Buying coffee:

I would like to encourage you to explore different coffees from different origins to really experience the world of coffee.
Please note that we also stock the capsules compatible with the line of Nespresso coffee machines.

Coffee Beans

Coffee stays fresh for longer in bean format and thus all our coffee on the shelves are presented so

Grounding Coffee

We will gladly ground your coffee for your specific purpose i.e. plunger, filter or espresso machine and reseal the bag for you.


Coffee should ideally be consumed within 30 days after roasting. Note the dates of roasting with your purchase to ensure your freshest indulgence.


In order to ensure coffee of a consistently high standard, it should be brewed and prepared to exacting standards and principles.

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