A dream come true for me, Juanitte!

I am the new owner of this coffee shop. I was born in South Africa but have an Austrian background. I’ve travelled throughout Africa and Europe and have always dreamed of owning a coffee shop and this dream became reality when Francois Dreyer, owner of the Heavenly Coffee Factory and Restaurant, sold me this Menlo Park shop. I named the shop after my mother, Isabelle, who was and always will be my mentor, friend and inspiration. She was my travel companion and together we always explored to find the best coffee shops in the world. I said goodbye to 38 years in the corporate world of Finance to follow my dream. Please enjoy your coffee and eats and know that it is made with the best of intentions, striving to the idea that I would also be awarded the acclaim of one of the best coffee shops in the world.

*** Remains a distributor of “Heavenly Coffee” and Coffee Equipment.

Freshly Roasted
Coffee & Equipment

Breakfasts, Lunches and Functions.